Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year & 2015 Goals

Happy New Year from the Arborian Lascannon Squad!

I've been quite busy since my last post here, and not had a lot of spare time to highlight hobby progress or games played. I have been posting updates on the Indy40k Facebook group.

My Hiatus began in July at the height of summer. August and September are the busiest time at work, due to number of public outreach and education events that I work on. October is also busy with early archery season. Starting in November I was able to recommit some time to the hobby and to getting games in. I finished all the infantry in my Arborian Rangers company and played in an Apoc game at Indy Gamerz.

Imperial Commanders: Chili Waagh Apoc Game

Ork Bosses: Chili Waagh Apoc Game
Arborian Infantry Company: Finished at Last!

In October, Imperial Armor 13 came out. This renewed my interest in Chaos which had been neutered with the 7th Edition allies chart. No longer would my hordes of Blood Pact inspired infantry remain foam-case bound. I purchased a second-hand chaos army and have been converting it into an Iron Warriors & World Eaters war band.

IA:13 Resin for the Resin God
Iron Warriors Obliterators

I also acquired two Ikea Detolf glass display shelves to put my armies in. I'll need probably two more shelves to accommodate future army expansions, especially when I finish my Tempestus Scions and Chaos armies.

Detolf Shelves

2014 is arguably the most productive year in the Hobby for me in recent memory, thanks to two new hobby strategies:

1) Hobbying one hour a night. I don't always get this done, but instead of working on stuff at random times, I make incremental progress. Its hugely motivating to make progress. 

2) Painting to three-color and based first, then moving on to another unit. This allows me to get a whole army table-top ready, then come back later and finish the details. As details are what hung me up on the Arborian army for so long (mostly dreading the time-consuming webbing and gunmetal stages), this lets me play with painted models more quickly. 

Furthermore, I've made a dedicated effort to get more games in, as often as once a week, but sometimes 3 times per month. Actually playing the game motivates me to hobby more and makes me feel like I'm getting "value" from my time and monetary investment. 

2015 Goals

1) Forgeworld order: 2ish Sicarian tanks, 2ish Hell Talons, and some other odds and ends

2) Finish Iron Warriors and Renegades & Heretics armies

3) Get some more Chimeras for my Arborian officers. They get punked on turn 1 usually. Light infantry is for the birds.

4) Play in some 40k events at GenCon. I stopped going to GenCon despite it being literally across the street from my office because they offered no 40k events. 2014 was different and 40k events were there. So I'm going in 2015. 

5) Play more games & GM campaign. 

That's it for now. Happy hobbying and gaming!

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  1. The 3-color, then return later seems like the way to go. I am encountering the same issue with my orks, constantly trying to spend all my time on one thing, then nothing else gets done!