Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Codex Thoughts

I am very excited about this codex. I've played IG since midway through 3rd Edition. Steel Legion was my first army (i played mech before it was cool) and had a full company of Mech Infantry as well as a full Tank Company. I sold that army and bought into 150 plastic Cadians when they came out in 2003 as part of the (now retconned) Eye of Terror campaign. This force had 3 vultures and 1 Valkyrie (all resin). I sold that force and started my current light infantry core army with the promise to "never sell again." Thus I've accumulated nearly a full tank company, a 200 man light infantry force, and 2 platoons of storm troopers. In summary, 40k for me is ALL about the Imperial Guard. And it will continue to be all about the Guard, even as I expand my Traitor Guard/Chaos cultist collection so I have an appropriate arch enemy to face off against.

Thus, my "review" of the new IG and Tempestus Scions codex(es) will be from several different perspectives, each focusing on a different type of company from my collection: Light Infantry, Armored Company, Storm Trooper strike force, Mechanized Infantry, and Traitor Guard.

What I really love about this new codex is that, for the most part, there seem to be lots of Options for success. I think the codex will serve IG players well into 7th Edition. 

The upcoming Codex Review Series:

Codex Review: Light Infantry
Codex Review: Armored Company
Codex Review: Storm Troopers
Codex Review: Traitor Guard
Codex Review: Mechanized Infantry


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