Monday, April 7, 2014

New Codex gives me hope!

The new Imperial Guard codex is inbound and gives me cause to return to the hobby. Exciting rumors:

1) points-compeditive Veteran Squads with camo cloaks. 5th editon codex had camo vets at 10ppm. 6th editon codex has them coming in at a rumored 7ppm. Long live the light infantry.

2) storm troopers getting a much needed points drop to 12ppm. Someone at GDubs realized AP 3 ain't worth shit if you can't cause wounds. Expect deep striking to commence shortly.

3) +1 STR relic blade (power weapon). Ibram Gaunt is back in action :)

4) a useful priest.

5) more and better orders. And FRF SRF applying to hellguns.

Looking forward to getting back into 40k, and only being out the cost of a codex or 


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