Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thoughts on a Chaos Cultist Army

Color scheme for my traitor guard: crimson robes with bronze armor.

Being Sunday, its an appropriate time to talk about my upcoming investment in a Chaos Army.

I already have enough models to field a 1000 point traitor guard force
-3 Chimera
-2 Russ Variants
-60 Infantry, with a mixture of GW Cadians and Wargames Foundry Shock Troops. Heads are Fallen Legionaries from Maxmini.

As far as a background justification for IG allies, I'd like to point out the difference in the Gaunts Ghosts books between fanatical  and organized Cutlist groups like the Infardi versus the military professionalism of the Blood Pact and Sons of Sek. I can easily see the IG rules reflecting the better equipment and training of the Blood Pact, while Cultists from the Chaos Codex reflecting the more religious members of a Chaos Lord's forces.

So my army could consist of the following:
Chaos: Primary Force
-1 Chaos HQ
-2+ Chaos Cultist Squads
IG: Allies
-Primaris Pskyer
-Psyker Battle Squad
-Infantry Platoon


  1. You might want to review the sizth edition rules. At 2000 points your force org doubles (not 2 orgs) Also allies must be chosen from the same book, not two different ones.


    1. Ah good call. Looks like it is either IG or Deamons, not IG AND Deamons.