Friday, September 7, 2012

40k 6th Edition New FAQ's

GW Design Studio Staff Photo

Today the new 40k6.0 FAQs hit the Interweb and there was much rejoicing from Rules As Intended players and QQing from Rules As Written players. I am very impressed with GW for listening to their player base and the Interwebz 40k community (bloggers, podcasters, and forum warriors alike) and using their FAQ to fix holes in the rules set. It makes me feel significantly better about paying $50 for a tank model and $65 for an airplane model when GW acts in a responsible and responsive manner.

ANYWAY....As this as an Imperial Guard blog and I an Imperial Guard player, here are the highlights from my POV:

1) Valkyries and Vultures can use Grav Chute Deployment to drop of Special Weapons Squads on turn 2. This is a favorite tactic of mine, especially for taking out the (now nerfed) Deathstar units Nobz & Paladins. Also, 

2) Rough Riders are even more "Teh Suck". Even with a 12" move and the extra S3 attack at I10, their hunting lances are now AP 3. Probably because GW wants you to buy more Valkyrie models. 

3) Leman Russes are WTF AWESOME. Let me get this straight: I can move 6" forward (or backward) and fire ALL THE GUNS at full BS of 3?!?!?!?! Including Lascannons, Heavy Bolters, and Stubbers?

4) Hydras are definitely NOT interceptor. It wasn't a typo. Also, it wasn't a omission that no armies got Skyfire missiles. My guess is that GW wants you to buy more flyers to shoot down the other flyers. 

5) Look Out Sir! Shenanigans are history. Now LOS is allocated to the closest model to the Character. Also, those all-character units are now just plain-old infantry, so no LOS! or Precise Shots on a "6" to hit. 

6) A lot of bullshit people were trying to pull to hit Flyers on regular BS got shut down. I love it when RAW players get told by GW to STFU :D And I THINK that those beam-attacks from the 1KSons that WTF PWND my Vendettas a few games back can't actually hit flyers, or if they are Witchfire need "6"s to hit. 

I don't understand how these two entries are internally consistent:  
Q: Does a weapon that hits automatically, still hit automatically when making a Snap Shot? (p13)
A: Yes.
Q: How do maelstroms, novas and beams – or indeed any weapon that doesn’t need to roll To Hit or hits automatically – interact with Zooming Flyers and Gliding Flying Monstrous Creatures? (p13)
A: Only Snap Shots can hit Zooming Flyers and Gliding Flying Monstrous Creatures. Therefore, any attacks that use blast markers, templates, create a line of/area of effect or otherwise don’t roll to hit cannot target them. This includes weapons such as the Necron Doom Scythe’s death ray or the Deathstrike missile of the Imperial Guard, and psychic powers that follow the rule for maelstroms, beams, and


  1. Because Snap Firing as a requirement exists outside of shooting flyers.

    For instance, snapfiring overwatch or having moved a heavy weapon.

    1. I....don't understand your point :) I guess I'm being dense.

    2. Arianna, I had to read it twice so I don't think its just you!! :)

      Snap fire is a mechanism that exists outside of the 'Flyer' rules, so even though I can snap fire and hit automatically, I still cannot target a flyer with a weapon that doesn't need to hit.

      For example, if my Psyker is hiding out in a Chimera with my Melta vets (i.e. his local) and it moves 12", my embarked models can only fire snap shots. If my psyker then decides to use the 'Assail' Telekinesis Power (which is a beam, and thus hits automatically) he will still hit with it automatically, despite only being allowed to snap fire. However, he still CANNOT target enemy flyers with this power, as it does not roll to hit (as per the flyer rules).

      Make better sense? :)


      I guess 1KSons can't shoot my vendettas with their Sorcerer squad leaders after all!

    4. Nope, you've been had off there dude :)

      On the plus side, at least you found out before you ditched the 'Dettas completely!

      One thing I thought they would address in the FAQ's which they haven't is the 'no dedicated melee weapon' rule. i.e. do models listed with a Pistol automatically gain a combat weapon in addition to their pistol, as according to the rules for a pistol '...counts as a basic combat weapon DURNG THE ASSAULT PHASE...'

      Thus, during Army selection, my battle sisters/any marines/anyone listed with a pistol DOES NOT have a dedicated combat weapon, thus according to the rules as they are currently written, anyone with a pistol automatically gets a combat weapon too, and thus all marines and sisters (and anyone else with a pistol) suddenly has two combat weapons to beat face with in assault. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about my Sisters being two attacks base (Thats 4 on the charge for Celestians, not bad for women with automatic rifles!) I don't for one minute believe this is what they intended!!!