Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Modular Gaming Table Construction Pt. 1

Last weekend I assembled a crew (father, girlfriend, & loyal assistant) to create a gaming table for the basement. I'll have a billiards table which this table will rest on top of. I wanted it to be modular so it would be easy to move (hence the 2'x4' sections of plywood) and double-sided for added functionality. I'll be creating a new post (hence this post is part 1) detailing the process used to create the table. Basically step 1 involved adding pegs to the individual sections, and step 2 involved gluing felt to those sections and trimming off excess felt.

Finished Product: Grassland/Forest/Jungle side, Gale Force 9 terrain
Wolfcraft Dowel Pro Kit: Trouse Dowel Pro (Ace Hardware).
Used to peg together four separate 2'x4' plywood sections from Menards.
Wood glue used hold dowels in place.   

Spray Glue: Used to secure felt (Grey side for Urban/Facility/Space settings) to plywood.

Assistant. Generally worthless for assembling gaming tables. 

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