Monday, July 23, 2012

1500pts: 1st Arborian Rangers Vs. Thousand Sons

Turn 1: Infantry Squad Seizes Statue Objective
This week, Brandon (Head of GMM Studios) fought a 1500 point battle at his office. We fought on urban terrain and had a great time. This was my second 6th Edition game, and the first one which was played to completion. I brought a three Vendetta list, one full infantry platoon (55 troops plus a Lascannon HWS), Harker's Veteran Squad, Straken's as my Warlord, a Lord Commissar, and Marbo.

Turn 2: Valkryies arrive, Marbo arrives and misses with Demo Charge

Turn 3: Platoon Command Squad deploys via grav-chute insertion;
fails to kill  any traitors with  Heavy Flamer & Flamer. 

Turn 3: Forces converge on the central objective. 

Turn 3: Epic Battle between Marbo and Sorcerer continues.
Marbo won and then got wiped out by Terminators.

Turn 4: Marbo gets wiped out by Terminators :)
Turn 6: Last Charge of Col. Straken
End result was two objectives (one barely ;)) in the hands of the Thousand Sons, and one objective in the hands of the Arborian 1st. A loss, but a well fought one which could have easily gone either way with a few different rolls of the dice.

Impressions of 6th Edition:
-Massed Psykers are a credible defense against Flyers. I lost all three during the battle. I did put two of them in Hover mode in order to deliver mass firepower on to the Terminator squads, which did the pilots no favors. Also, I forgot to take Deny the Witch rolls when my Vendettas were targeted.

-It took over three hours to play a 1500 point game :/. Of course, we were looking up rules frequently.

-Move & Shoot games are so much more fun than any previous edition of 40k: Rapid Fire, Overwatch, and Snapshot make the game so much better.

Overall Tactics:
-I should have kept my infantry all on foot, instead of keeping 25 of them in reserve aboard the Vendettas. One Vendetta got taken out before the troops had a chance to deploy, the Platoon Command Squad miffed their one chance at glory by failing to kill a small Thousand Son squad, leaving only one Infantry Squad to hold the central objective.

-Vendettas should NEVER get placed into Hover Mode. They will die. /endstorybro


  1. That sounds like it was a great battle! And the terrain looks nice too. Glad to hear you say that about the psykers as well since I just invested in a squad of them - and I'm also glad to see that it's not just my flamers that can never kill anything!

    1. Yeah it was a great start to 6th Ed. Terrain was all airbrushed by GMM studios, so you KNOW its good.

      Also, FYI, I've changed my blog URL to

  2. Thanks for sharing the report. Nice armies, great table!