Friday, March 9, 2012

Terrain Project: Arborian Forest WIP

Work is going well on the Arborian Infantry list, with all models having their layer of Woodgrain painted on last night in a red-eye marathon painting session. For a little break from painting miniatures, I went out to the local model railroad store (the FLGS is a) not friendly and b) has a terrible selection) and grabbed a bag of HO scale trees. After using my iPhone App Snaptell to find out that I could get them cheaper online, I felt bad and bought them even at mark-up. When I buy more I'll get them from Amazon.

Here is a picture of the product's packaging. It includes 7 shorter trees and 7 taller trees.

The Testors Plastic Glue that I usually use did not melt the tree trunks, so I had to resort to other techniques. The trees attach very well to any large bases with some Greenstuff and then Zap-a-gap or other superglue. I glued a few sticks and rocks to the base to make it heavier, but I recommend waiting until the base has been painted with Scorched Earth or another base color before doing so. Once the glue is try, I'll paint the bases, then attach the rocks, sticks (representing deadfall), and base them with the same 50% sand 50% green flock that I use on my Arborian infantry.

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