Monday, March 5, 2012

Deep Striking Campaign Rules (3): Planetstrike Campaign

Planetstrike campaigns can take place on any world. The first mission in a Planetstrike campaign is the Battlefleet Gothic mission Planetary Assault. How well players do in this first mission influences latter games in two ways: 1) the attacker landing more assault points decreases the number of bastions and strategem points available to the defender, and 2) the attacker landing more assault points increases the number of strategem points available to the attacker. The size of the Planetary Assault game, as well as the orbital defenses and number of attacker's transports is determined by the type of planet being attacked. 

After the first mission, play the missions in the following order, declaring a victor after one player has 4 victories, in accordance with the "Best of 7" concept. 

Game #Scenario
1BFG: Planetary Assault
240k: Planetstrike
340k: Desperate Assault
440k: Seize & Destroy
540k: Stranglehold
640k: Forlorn Hope
740k: Planetquake

Planet TypeDefender Planetary DefensesAttacker Assault TransportsBFG Fleet Size
Dead World100 pts2500 pts
Low-Tech World200 pts3750 pts
Death World300 pts41000 pts
Agri-World400 pts51250 pts
Civilized World500 pts61500 pts
Hive World600 pts82000 pts

Scenario 1: BFG Planetary Assault
# Attacker’s Assault Points
Attacker Stratagem Points for CampaignDefender Stratagems for Campaign;
Defender Bastions for 40k Scenarios
Game Result
0-116Defender Victory
2-325Defender Victory
4-534Defender Victory
6-743Attacker Victory
8-952Attacker Victory
10+61Attacker Victory

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