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Why BOLS just got removed from my Google Reader

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The Centaurs name themselves the Liberi. They live on the great grass covered plains of Nowhere’s Northeast region called the Swarth. It is a land rich in grasses and dotted with small clumps of trees and lots of rocks and rock spires. It is similar the veldt of south central Africa on earth, complete with many termite mounds rising from the grass like miniature castles.

The Liberi live a nomadic life following the cow sized two legged birds that roam the Swarth in herds ten thousand strong: the Eun. From the great herds comes almost everything the Liberi need: food, clothing and even shelter in the form of bird skinned tents. The other animals associated with the herds are the plains vultures, huge nearly man sized birds that float above the herds of Eun searching out the weak and the sickly. Lon Dubh they are called in the Liberi language.

In terms of their physical appearance the Liberi come in as wide a variety of skin colors as painted ponies. The skin of the upper body is mostly devoid of hair but reflects the skin and tail color of the rest of the creature. The Liberi make use of spears and bows. Most of their weaponry is made from simple stone or bone blades and points. Their Legends, Masters and
other tribal leaders possess metal weapons taken from fallen enemies. Rank and prowess is often defined by elaborate headdresses adorned with feathers taken either from the great herds or the vultures.

The Liberi are organized into many tribes each with a Chief and a Shaman who share power between them. The Shamans are quite capable in Earth Spirit Magics such as Fire, Ice, and Time, but not the unnatural (to the Liberi anyway) magic of Soul. The Liberi are superstitious about magic of all kinds and fear it. Magic using creatures other than their own Shamans are regarded with the utmost distrust. Liberi think of all technology above the level of a steel sword as magic.

Liberi battle formations are based on the hunting bands in which they track the great herds. They are led by a Chieftain and often accompanied by a Shaman, and have squads of spear and bow armed warriors. The vulture packs that accompany them make excellent light troops. They have no monstrous allies.

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