Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1500 Point Hybrid IG List

I've been on a spending and painting spree as of late trying to get my 1500point army 6th Edition ready. This list is part throwback and part new-hotness. The throwback is the reliance on MSU shooty infantry squads. They were the mainstay of 3rd edition IG armies, and they are even better and cheaper now with the changes to rapid fire and heavy weapons with snapfire. The new-hotness is, of course, Vendettas and Demo-Charges

Arborian 1st Light Infantry Regiment
  • Company Command Squad: x4 Plasma Guns
    • No Special Character: straken is just too expensive and this list really isn't built to assault.
    • 4 Plasma Guns in the hands of veterans is going to be just sweet, especially with the BID! order to re-roll those pesky "1"s
  • Marbo
    • Come from nowhere and blows up anything that isn't T5+. And he doesn't risk blowing himself up if you deploy him on a building and throw that demo charge at a different level. 
  • Platoon Command Squad: x4 Flamers or x4 Grenade Launchers (haven't decided yet)
    • Flamers for counter-assault and anti-horde. I'd make these Plasma if I had the points.
  • 4x Infantry Squads: 1x Plasma Gun, 1x Autocannon
    • 4 scoring units. Expendable. Versatile. These guys can help out the Demolishers by providing some defense against assault and Melta as well. 
  • Veteran Squad: 3x Plasma Gun, 1x Autocannon
    • I needed a 2nd troop choice, and vets are cheap and easy. They bring 3 BS4 Plasmas to the table. 
  • 2x Special Weapons Squads: 2x Flamer, 1x Demo Charge
    • These guys get loaded up in Vendettas and deploy via Grav Chute Insertion wherever I need them, ideally on top of some Terminators or enemy squads in cover. Plus they can score objectives. If the Vendetta gets shot down, its only a 65 point squad lost. 
Imperial Navy: 5331st Air Assault Wing
  • 2x Vendetta Gunships: 2x Heavy Bolters
    • Vehicle Killers and probably the best flyer in the 40k game at this point. Also, not bad for taking out other Flyers. These babies do it all, and even drop off Special Weapons Squad
Katalyptic 27th Armored Regiment
  • 2x Demolisher: 3x Heavy Bolters, Heavy Stubber, Dozer Blade
    • Infantry Support Tanks. Their job is to kill Paladins and Nob Bikers. Anything with a T5 2+ Multi wound stat-line. Think of them as my Luke Skywalker to all those Internet Death Star lists floating around out there. 

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  1. sounds solid. Do let us know how the list performs.