Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Death of Camo Cloaks

A review of 6th Edition Imperial Guard FAQs:

Good Call, GW!

First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire: Adds another shot for lasguns. So now you can move your infantry squad (or blob) 6", FRF, SRF, and shoot 2 shots @ 24" with all your lasguns. #winning

Auras (Straken, etc): Don't work on allies. Thank you. Gets rid of a lot of bitching from the tournament community.

Hydra: Skyfire, ignores Jink. Logical and works as intended. Nerfing of Hydra to only hit ground targets on 6s (see post by Natfka here) is confusing. Probably an error to grant to ability to ignore the Jink but only hit jetbikes and skimmers on 6s.

Valkyrie/Vendetta: Skimmer (Hover). Logical and works as intended.


Camo Cloaks now apparently stack with Stealth. The codex language replaced by the FAQ gave models with Camo Cloaks the Stealth USR. Now, camo cloaks no longer confer stealth, just give a +1 modifier to units with Stealth. This amounts to a nerf because of the changes to the Stealth USR: in 6th edition, the Stealth USR adds +1 to any cover save, and grants a 6+ save when in the open.

Obviously GW was afraid of how OP guard veteran and company command squads would be with a 6+ cover save in the open. Wha wha whaaaaaaa.

I may be taking this a little personal, because my ideal army is one of light infantry that would somehow get the Stealth, Move Through Cover, and Infiltrate (any maybe even Accute Senses now that it has changed) USRs, like the old 3rd Edition Guant's Ghosts list. Anything that nerfs camo-cloaks is like a knife-in-the-back from GW.

Missile Launchers? Where the fuck are my Flakk Missiles? So why don't all Missile Launchers (SM, Eldar, IG, etc) get Flakk missiles as standard? I assume they don't, because of the relevant language in the rulebook.


  1. No one is getting flakk missiles because games workshop wants boost sales of the only reliable counter for flyers which of course are more flyers or fortifications with skyfire emplacements.

    1. I'll probably have a house rule that allows flakk missiles from any missile launcher, despite what GW says. I even own two Bastions, three Aegis lines, and three skyfire emplacements, and I still think the lack of FAQ action on Flakk is absurd.

  2. Hello Arianna. Yes, have to agree with our anonymous friend about the 'flakk' missiles - transparent attempt to make us buy more. What's next, 'underground' combat as well, and everyone has to buy tunnelling machines? There are little oddities like Stealth and the Hydra should hopefully be ironed out with time - although the Hydra is a big blow since I use mine more like a WWII Wirblewind to engage ground targets, so that'll probably end up gathering dust now.

    1. Haha yeah. I'll probably ret-con the Hydra in house rules to have Interceptor so it isn't le-suck.

      BTW Scipio, I <3 your blog. I just found it the other day and really admire the dedication to good IG background!

    2. Thanks! Plenty more background will follow ... For my part I like the resorting to house rules when GW just don't get it right - look forward to more stuff!

  3. Very interesting reading, Arianna, and it's good to know I'm not the only one who still enjoys good ol' Guard infantry...

    1. Damn strait. I've only gotten one game of 6th Ed in so far, but with KPs taking a back seat the IG Platoon will be out in full force. I try to rotate using an all infantry force every once and a while. I still like to include a platoon of tanks or a flight of three gunships to mix it up.

      FYI, blog URL is now