Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Blobin' It!

Seems to be a great site with good input on how to run an Imperial Guard infantry blob army! I'll be reading his thoughts and incorporating his advice into my list. I'm not 100% sold on guard blobs: they reduce KPs but allow the enemy to focus-fire your squads much easier.


  1. Thanks for the kind comments, :)

    You should give the blobs a try, with cover saves you'd be surprised how meny men can live through 5 turns of 15 long fang frag missiles for example. Usually by the end fo the game i have a few handfuls of men left, but the enemy has only a few models.

    Also if they want to torrent my men in cover i'm more than happy to return fire with lascannons if their a combat orientated army blowing transports up to make them walk, and if its a msu lascannon razorback type army I'll happily walk forwards and drown them in my orange sea.

    1. Hey DUCE. How are the Blobs faring in 6th Ed for you? I dropped them for MSU but I'm still interested in how you are playing them.

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