Wednesday, March 14, 2012

House Rules: Shotguns

Yeah Son! Humidified. 

What Guard commander doesn't love shotguns? While only strength 3, they are assault 2, meaning you can still double-tap with a squad of Veterans, use those flamers or meltas, and still Assault with a ton of S4 I4 attacks (you DID brink Straken, right?).

Elysian Veteran with Shotgun, obviously  Deep Striking out of
a Valkyrie Assault Carrier to WTF PWN some traitors.
Yet, to me, shotguns are still missing something, a rule to represent the spread (called a pattern to us RL shooters) of the shot, something to give them a greater chance to hit at close range than the standard infantry weapon, but not powerful enough to up the price-per-model. What about bringing back the old "Sharpshooters" rule from the 4th edition guard codex? Widely panned as an inefficent choice even at 1 point-per-model, making it a trait of all shotguns regardless of which imperial faction us using them shouldn't raise too many complaints.

House Rule: Any model using a shotgun may re-roll to-hit dice of a "1".

I <3 shotguns: the author (left) shooting some clays

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  1. Love shotguns.

    And if you're old skool 40K enough, you'll know that the best ones are always painted red!