Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deep Striking Campaign Rules (2): The Best of Seven Principle

Central to the Deep Striking campaign rules is the "Best of 7" concept. This organizing principle serves to structure games similar to a World Series in baseball: the first player to win 4 games will win the campaign. The result is a campaign that lasts between 4 and 7 games per given Strategic Round (typically a calendar month). Most gamers would be readily able to fit 4 to 7 games into their schedules in a typical month. Games can be scheduled in advance at the start of the month during the Strategic Meeting, then played out sequentially. If games #5, #6, or #7 prove unnecessary to determine an overall victor, players can still meet for games that do not affect the campaign, or simply have a free evening to go out for drinks.

In the 40k Universe, the powers-that-be will look more favorably on commanders who fight and win campaigns in an efficient manner. This is reflected by the higher Renown gains for quick victories. Renown is of primary importance to individual players, as it is analogous to experience points in an Role-Playing-Game setting, and allows for special abilities to be utilized during games.

Campaign Victory MarginWinner Renown GainLoser Renown GainResult
4-070Total Victory
4-161Major Victory
4-252Minor Victory
4-343Narrow Victory

Each campaign type uses the Best of Seven principle as its base. There are four different campaign formats in the Deep Striking system:
  • Space/Naval Campaign (uses a combination of Battlefleet Gothic games and boarding actions)
  • Planetstrike Campaign (begins with a Battlefleet Gothic Planetary Assault and then uses Planetstrike missions)
  • Ground Campaign (beings with the basic 40k meeting engagement then uses Battle Missions)
  • Urban Campaign (uses Cities of Death rules with some modifications)
Additionally, the Deep Striking campaign rules emphasize the differences in terrain and unique environments found in the 40k setting. As such, there are specific place-based special terrain and hazard rules for each campaign setting: world type & terrain type.

World Types:

  • Dead Worlds
  • Low Tech Worlds
  • Death Worlds
  • Agri Worlds
  • Civilized Worlds (and sub-types)
  • Hive Worlds (including Forge Worlds)
  • Alien and Daemon Worlds
Terrain Types:
  • Jungle/Forest Terrain
  • Ice Terrain
  • Desert Terrain
  • Wasteland Terrain
  • Temperate Terrain
  • Urban Terrain
  • Special Terrain (Facility/Shipboard, Daemon, Tomb World, etc)

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