Monday, February 20, 2012

Deep Striking Campaign Rules (1): Intro

The Deep Striking campaign rules are best described as an overarching system to link a gaming club’s Warhammer 40k and Battlefleet Gothic games in a narrative framework. They key goals for this this rules set are:
  • Campaigns should be end in with a decisive victor in a relatively small number of games
  • Campaigns should have lasting effects for both the player and setting
  • Campaigns focuses on the tabletop Battles of 40k and BFG, without cumbersome map and logistics rules
  • Campaigns rules need to accommodate the busy schedules and commitment balancing that many gamers face
  • Campaigns should be FUN and not a burden on players.
Overall Structure
  1. Players meet at a monthly organizational meeting to wrap-up the last strategic round, then determine match-ups, the number of games, and a schedule for the upcoming strategic round.
  2. Players play between 4 and 7 games over the course of the strategic round to determine control of planetary systems.
  3. Two players will play a number of games dependent on their amount of free time, which influences the type of planet being fought over.
  4. Players keep track of their victories and defeats through a renown system, which allows players to advance along 6 different skill trees (Siege specialists, Defensive specialists, Guerrilla fighters, Logistic experts, etc) that allow for special abilities during 40k games.

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